Issue 6

S/S 2009

PIN–UP 6, Spring Summer 2009. A mid-recession tour de force. Hot fluorescent pink, green, purple, and orange. A potent mix of Meier, Wines, and Ishigami. Plus: flowers, Sylvia Lavin, and Dynasty. The last PIN–UP to be staple-bound.

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Issue 6

S/S 2009


The authority on all things white is one colorful character
Interview by Horacio Silva
Photography by Katja Rahlwes


The cunning fox behind London’s new eclecticism
Interview by Caroline Roux
Photography by Devin Blair


Forever blurring the makers of art, architecture, and design
Interview by Michael Ned Holte
Photography by Julika Rudelius


The minimalist’s darling is a nature lover at heart
Interview by Beatrice Galilee
Photography by Takashi Homma


The perpetual nonconformist has the last laugh
Interview by Michael Bullock
Photography by Miguel Villalobos


Floor plans from Dark Rooms Atlas examine the ideal architecture of gay cruising spots in Barcelona. Andreas Angelidakis tinkers with the intersection between technology and physicality, using programs like Second Life to create his playfully geometric structures. Brooklyn-based design studio labDORA fuses computer-coded design with waxy blobs. A look into Eric Lloyd Wright’s unfinished house, a sparse concrete structure perched on the summit of California’s Malibu hills. Art by Thomas Ravens juxtapose the whimsy of watercolors with images of failed utopia. PIN–UP pays homage to Dan Friedman via collage, mixing the artist’s wacky furniture with found objects. Sketches for chairs by various designers reveal the complicated and raw psychology behind creating one of the most fundamental entities of design. PIN–UP reconsiders the basic shapes of architecture via bouquets and topiary arrangements. Screenshots from Dynasty pay tribute to set designer Brock Broughton. Suleman Anaya examines the logic behind architecture’s emotional impact, both in films and in his life. Maia Morgensztern writes about the economic and cultural impact of opening a Louvre museum on the island of Saadiyat, located off the coast of Abu Dhabi. Sylvia Lavin on the impact that Richard Neutra’s windows had on reshaping postwar buildings. Paul Elliman remembers Dan Friedman and the interplay between design and contemporary art. And a look at the interactive, anamorphosis paintings of Felice Varini, who uses light projectors to paint shapes that seemingly levitate within the space.