Issue 3

F/W 2007/08

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Issue 3

F/W 2007/08


The artist and director reflects on the objects of his affection
Text by Horacio Silva
Photography by Todd Eberle


The photography legend shares his love for gardening with a young Los Angeles architect
Interview by Fritz Haeg
Photography by Todd Cole


Straight talk with two mellowed New York modernists
Interview by Aric Chen
Photography by Disco Meisch


East and West Coast meet on the threshold of art and architecture
Interview by Pierre Alexandre de Looz
Photography by Gandalf Gavan
Drawings by Ball-Nogues


A Thierry Mugler fashion shoot from May 1980 conjures up the irresistible dynamic of Gotham’s darker, bolder days. One last visit to Robert Wilson’s former TriBeCa loft for a glimpse at his cargo cult of collectibles. Photographer Chris Mottalini captures the “beautiful ruins” of one Paul Rudolph house in Westport Connecticut, moments before it is demolished. A look back at the work of Tony Duquette, the designer who evoked the exotic strangeness of the natural world. A two-part meditation on the “folly of ruins”—in photographs and text. Lorenz Cugini and Richard Petit provide two distinct studies of the usually veiled dialogue between chairs and bodies. Ben Widdicome examines the position of the architect in popular cinema and, by extension, society-at-large. Ted Trussel Porter investigates the influence of David Whitney on his paramour Philip Johnson’s interiors. A letter sent across the Iron Curtain by German architect Hans Scharoun to his Czechoslovakian student and collaborator Lubomir Šlapeta. Mike Kelley and Paul McCarthy stage a critical conversation between avant-garde and kitsch with their installation Heidi at the Krizinger Gallery in Vienna. Some notes on play and architecture in the 1950s and 1960s by Dirk van den Heuvel. PIN–UP takes a fresh look at the aging beauty of Hong Kong’s Cultural Centre. A peek inside the VIP Suites Caracas—an iconic landmark made over as a boutique hotel by New York architects Ashe+Leandro. Photographs by Marcelo Krasilcic invite you to imagine a scenario of your own in Steve McQueen’s recently restored Palm Springs residence. Simon Fujiwara turns the Documenta town’s ’80s civic architecture into an effervescent intervention. And photographer Adrian Gaut time-travels to Prague to recapture the creativity and forward-thinking work of 20th Century Czech theatre designers.