Issue 11

F/W 2011/12

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Issue 11

F/W 2011/12


The French rock star architect is turning up the volume
Interview by Aurélien Gillier
Photography by Katja Rahlwes


One of the few architects not afraid to be caught in drag
Interview by Michael Bullock
Photography by Leonard Greco


Size matters to the South American master builder
Interview by Felix Burrichter
Photography by Adam Krause


The Parisian shoe-maestro reveals his passion for design
Interview by Emily King
Photography by Lukas Wassmann


PIN–UP eavesdrops on a conversation between REM KOOLHAAS and the Italian artist FRANCESCO VEZZOLI. A trip to the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard for a night of NORTHERN DELIGHTS. An intimate visit to DAVID COPPERFIELD’s four-story New York penthouse. Thoughts on architectural criticism by six of the world’s most influential critics. A special essay by DENISE SCOTT BROWN, the queen of Postmodernism. A visit to CHANDIGARH sheds a new light on a maturing modernist masterpiece. A survey of THEVERYMANY’s otherworldly architectural forms. The inspiring ideas of 20th-century reformer RUDOLF STEINER. Thomas de Monchaux compares CEDRIC PRICE’S Fun Palace with MICHAEL WEBB’S Sin Centre. A rundown of the latest FASHION POP-UP SHOPS in New York City. ANSELM REYLE’s transcendental kitsch, FAT’s vox pop designs, TIM BURTON’s PoMo architecture redux in BEETLEJUICE, a lesson in architectural baby bedding from CHRISTIAN WASSMANN, an inventory of 3M’s material riches by SAM CHERMAYEFF and JOHANNA GROHBRÜGGE, STAR Architecture’s BEATRIZ RAMO’s dark(-green) picture of a not so distant future past, the RAUSCHENBERG FOUNDATION’s fresh plans for the artist’s former NoHo studio-cum-chapel, a fresh look at British architectural icon JAMES STIRLING, and a little trip to MARGATE by architect SAM CAUSER, as well as a frank conversation with STOREFRONT FOR ART AND ARCHITECTURE’s EVA FRANCH I GILABERT. And finally, a PIN–UP MENAGERIE packed with over 30 pages of ceramic delight, photographed by HIROKI KOBAYASHI, MARCELO KRASILCIC, MAURICE SCHELTENS & LIESBETH ABBENES, and MARCO ROSO.