Issue 7

F/W 2009/2010

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Issue 7

F/W 2009/2010


Spain’s architectural chameleon shows his many colors
Interview by Felix Burrichter
Photography by Nacho Alegre


The latest on Japan’s prince of paper
Interview by Kevin Greenberg
Photography by Devin Blair


Tea time with the design world’s future household names
Interview by Caroline Roux
Photography by Robi Rodriguez


Alia-clad former stylist now dedicates herself to architecture
Interview by Emily King
Photography by Andreas Larsson


The young French artist is a romantic vandal at heart
Interview by Victoria Camblin
Photography by Benjamin Alexander Huseby


Get lost in Dubai with photographer Devin Blair, where the only company on yet-unpaved streets are construction workers and the clean, hard edifices they are working to erect. Michael Bullock walks us through the artistically rendered grime of Deitch Projects’ meth lab. A rundown of 11 young architecture firms in New York that represent the future of innovation, taste, and diversity. Simon Fujiwara pieces together homoerotic clues from a homicide in Venice. A photo essay featuring the showgirls who silently grace Italian television, typically on plush couches, scantily clad. Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen explores the geometric details of Alvar Aalto’s Kaufmann Conference Center in New York. A collection of PIN–UP’s 75 favorite things, including artist Kwangho Lee’s ropey lighting, the psychologically disturbing vases by ceramic artist Bonnie Seeman, and a hand-painted wooden Coca-Cola bottle from a market in Cape Town, South Africa. A look inside the Venetian columns of Fire Island’s The Belvedere, a “Guest House for Men” reminiscent of Venice. Andrew Ayers looks back at pissoirs, or bygone street urinals in Paris. In another essay, Martina Dolejsova takes us on an architectural tour of Los Angeles via her red convertible. And Kari Rittenbach examines Dubai-Düsseldorf, a German group of artists who’ve imagined the collision of two distinctly vibrant cities in an exhibit in Düsseldorf.