Issue 4

S/S 2008

Issue 4

S/S 2008


The formidable ice queen of New York architecture melts for the camera
Interview by Ricky Clifton
Video stills by Julika Rudelius


The fashion maven’s interior designs seen through rose-colored glasses
Text by Stephen Todd
Photography by Laurent Goumarre


One of architecture’s wittiest insiders shares her life obsessions
Interview by Beatriz Colomina


The Berlin architect talks about art, Kant, and Rosalind Russel
Interview by Victoria Camblin
Photography by Oliver Helbig


A visit to Estela, the tastefully outrageous hotel located in the gay resort of Sitges, 45 minutes south of Barcelona. A look into the life history of seamstress and model Mme. Le Corbusier that reveals her influence on the success of her eponymous husband. Ben Widdicombe contemplates the political importance of kitschy, large-scale sculptures along the Australian coast. Erica Roberts on the “megachurch” as new media pop monument. Adrian Gaut captures the modernist grid of windowless buildings in New York City. Contemporary textiles on wool and silk juxtaposed against the hard edges of the male form. Benjamin Aranda and Chris Lasch interpret scientific concepts into patterned, geometric structures. Art by Jimmy Robert depicts the perpetual cycle of Berlin’s architectural death and rebirth. Four impressions of a rising and setting sun by Ann Woo. An assortment of cushions, chairs and tables reveal the quirky personalities of objects. Zachary Rose on the politics of train station architecture in W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz. Cynthia Leung writes PIN–UP a letter concerning the splendors and spoils of living in gentrifying downtown Manhattan. Florian Slotawa blurs the line between household objects and art through spatial positioning. And Paris-based collective EXYZT fosters socializing through quirky pop-up spaces.