Issue 25

F/W 2018/2019

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Issue 25

F/W 2018/2019


After a half-century career, this Belgian trailblazer still subscribes to an unhurried way of life yet shows no signs of slowing down.
Interview by Alexandra Cunningham Cameron
Portraits by Jef Jacobs


The Mexican duo’s material experimentations, on the border of art and architecture, unearth rocky mythologies of national identity.
Interview by Daniel Simon Ayat
Portraits by Dorian Ulises López Macías


With an uncanny sense of responsibility and her powers of suggestion, this American art provocateur speaks softly but carries a big shtick.
Interview by Stephanie Murg
Portraits by Josep Fonti


After almost 15 years in Asia this meister-builder is back West, walking the tightrope of commerce, community, high density, and economy of scale.
Interview by Katya Tylevich
Portraits by Lyndsy Welgos


A special cover featuring Christen Mooney photographed by Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.; the Bolivian cholets by architect Freddy Mamani, reinterpreted by Jonathan Castro; Philippe Rahm’s new decorative style for the Anthropocene; the beauty of doilies; a display of 20th-century Yugoslav architecture; lounging with a family of Telfar Art Mannequins; an interview with artist Jacolby Satterwhite; Home sweet homes by Leon Ransmeier and Robert Stadler; Bodys Isek Kingelez’s model worlds; LOT-EK’s take on housing in Johannesburg; the witty designs of BNAG; a villa by little known Swedish architect Sigurd Lewerentz; new homes by Vector Architects and Arno Brandlhuber; Christen Mooney’s controversial tapestries; new work by Thomas Barger; exploring model homes with Camiel Duytschaever; Timon and Melchior Grau’s brotherly act; Adam Charlap Hyman’s passion for miniatures; African American home life seen through the lens of art; and Virgil Abloh explained.

Plus, an all-American home story with Calvin Klein Home and a supplement on the new Berlin-based collectible design gallery Functional Art by Benoît Wolfrom and Javier Peres.