The Secret Behind ADL’S Customizable Doors

by Julie Klein

In 2023 ADL added shower enclosures to their collection of doors and partitioning systems.

ADL's showering wall system.

There are dozens of idioms involving doors, and doors feature prominently in theater, painting, literature, philosophy, and psychology. Yet real-life doors rarely get that kind of attention. Instead, they’re silent extras, simple means of entry and exit. For Italian company ADL, however, doors are a serious affair. Founded in 2004 by Massimo Luca, the firm aims to create “doors that are not a simple piece of furniture, but that complete the environment by becoming part of it.” An Italian-born designer and entrepreneur, Luca worked for many years with high-profile architects and designers — among them Carlo Colombo, Renzo Piano, and Matteo Thun — and came to understand the demand for meticulously designed and crafted doors and partitions that can function in all sorts of environments, from the boardroom to the bedroom (and even the bathroom).

Detail of ADL's customizable Grande Officina collection. The oversized doors and partitions allow for maximum customization, creating grids using a variety of 42 different material options.

Industry peers took note, in particular Roberto Gavazzi, president and CEO of Boffi | DePadova, who brought ADL into the group to help make it a one-stop shop for architects and interior designers. Manufactured in glass and aluminum, ADL doors and partitions come in endless finishes, from anodized or back-painted to frosted, glossy, textured, and reflective. A case in point is Grande Officina, one of ADL’s most recent collections, whose seamless, silent, customizable sliding panels can be ordered in 42 different options. Moreover, all ADL doors are made from 100-percent recyclable materials that can easily be separated when the product arrives at the end of its life cycle. So next time you update your kitchen (Boffi, naturally) or contemplate a new furniture purchase (De Padova, of course), make sure you choose custom doors and partitions to complete the look.

Boffi's Antibes closet storage system designed by Piero Lissoni.

Boffi's Antibes closet storage system designed by Piero Lissoni.

Antibes wardrobe Officina door by ADL.

The Boffi Antibes wardrobe system.